Club History

The 1965-1966 Full Size Chevrolet Club was founded on July 1, 1983, when three enthusiasts, Roland Muchicko, Dick Washburn and David Hardwick, met to decide if there was enough interest to form and support a Club centered around 1965-1966 Full Size Chevrolets. Prior to that time, all existing Clubs had stopped with the 1964 model year. The three “Founders” decided to form such a club and set a goal of 100 members in the first year. The response was immediate and Member Number 100 joined four months later.

Since our founding, we have been successful in getting major parts manufacturers to expand their parts line so as to include parts for our cars.. We have supplied New Old Stock (NOS) pieces to the manufacturers so that hard-to-find parts could be reproduced and once again available for restorations of our cars.

Each year, we have an International Meet lasting for several days with most of the activities centered around the cars. At past Meets, we have had cruises, tech seminars, driver skill tests, awards banquets, and most of all, a lot of fun. Many members bring their families and plan their vacations around the dates of The Meet.